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Sinners Rendezvous, a Seaspice Halloween Party

a person standing in front of a stuffed animal


Presenting an elegant Halloween party on Sunday, October 29th themed around the seven deadly sins, a captivating and decadent affair with each sin contributing to a unique and alluring atmosphere. 

The party will exude sensuality, sultriness, and a seductive air. Guests are encouraged to dress in alluring attire that will leave a sense of lingering desire.

Our lavish menu will offer decadent and indulgent treats, both sweet and savory to fill your banquet table.

The aroma of gourmet delights will tempt guests to indulge their pallets to the fullest. 

Demonstrating opulence and lavish decor everywhere, guests will lounge in luxurious seats, savoring the pleasures of the waterfront city views around them. 

Energetic and intense, the DJ will spin music with a fiery beat, while entertainment features thrilling performances that evoke a sense of exhilaration.

Confidence and sophistication abound as guests revel in their own allure, champagne flowing like a river with golden bubbles, tickling the senses as people strut their stuff with an air of superiority showcasing their unique charms.

This elegant Halloween party will offer a captivating journey through the seven deadly sins, inviting us to explore desire and indulge in the luxurious and tantalizing atmosphere, all the while celebrating the darker, more seductive side of Halloween.