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FIFA World Cup Viewing

a view of a city by the water

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching and for all your football viewing pleasures, soccer fans are invited to join us to watch the games live! 

Gather your friends and join us for a lunch viewing party at Seaspice, for the 11 AM and 2 PM ET games. 

Tuesday, November 22nd

11am - Mexico vs Poland

2 pm - France vs Australia

Wednesday, November 23rd

11am - Spain vs Costa Rica

2 pm - Belgium vs Canada

Thursday, November 24th

2 pm - Brasil vs Serbia

Friday, November 25th

2 pm - USA vs England

Saturday, November 26th

11am - France vs Denmark

2 pm - Argentina vs Mexico

Sunday, November 27th

2 pm - Spain vs Germany

Tuesday, November 29th

2 pm - USA vs Iran

2 pm - England vs Wales

Wednesday, November 30th

2 pm - Argentina vs Poland

2 pm - Mexico vs Saudi Arabia

Thursday, December 1st

2 pm - Spain vs Japan

Friday, December 2nd

2 pm - Cameroon vs Brasil